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  • D.K. Segraves

    “I believe God helped me find Denise.”

    Eagle's Watch Children's Book by DK SegravesI felt a calling to write a children’s book, but I knew nothing about how to write. I wanted to work with someone local and found Denise through an internet search. Because I knew so little about fiction writing, the writing process on the first book was more collaborative. Denise focused on things like story structure, choosing between first person and third person perspective and replacing passive voice with active.

    She sensed it would have discouraged me if she had focused on everything I needed to learn all at once. When we finished the first book, Eagle’s Watch, I felt pretty good about it. I had learned so much. I was excited to start on the next book.

    We began working on Awakening Children's Book by DK SegravesAwakening the next month. We agreed it was time for me to focus on many of the things she had contributed to in the first book. We started working together on:

    • Making sure each character was unique
    • Replacing ‘he said’ and ‘she said’ statements with action
    • Turning author intrusions into action and description
    • Transitioning from one character in first person to another in first person
    • Developing scenes for better interaction between characters
    • Streamlining conversation

    I knew by the time we published Awakening that I had to revise Eagle’s Watch. Not only did Denise help me go through the book and apply everything I had learned during Awakening, she helped me build on my new skills. The 2nd edition is 48 pages longer because readers now experience Observer going to and from his ‘adventures.’

    I’m now working on the third and final book in the Beacon of Light trilogy. I’m confident that Denise will help me improve my writing skills even more.

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    - Deborah Segraves

  • Mike Willbur, Author of More Than Domestic Violence

    “Superb in Her Role as Editor and Coach”

    Original Cover for More Than Domestic Violence

    Original Cover Design

    Denise was superb in her role as my Editor and coached me through the self-publishing process with the ease of a real professional. I will be using Denise in all my formatting and editing needs with regards to any future publishing I do. Thank you Denise!

    Very grateful,


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    - Michael Willbur

  • Ricky

    Communication During EBook Project

    You are doing really well. I like what your doing. You’re really feeding good information. I may use you to fix the other ebooks that I outsourced.

    Just doesn’t do it for me. These people seemed to rush it or just don’t have the experience. I just can’t pin point what it is. lol

    Rating at End of Project

    Will be hiring again for further writing jobs! Delivers high quality work.

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    - Ricky Zurvas

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