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Writing My Own Book

It’s always been my dream. Has it been yours?

I began with several cookbooks on Kindle. Then I published Freelance Writing for the 21st Century: How to Run a Profitable Writing Business at Home through CreateSpace.

Between those projects, I’ve helped a number of authors get their books into print. In the process, I’ve discovered that each writer has different challenges. And yet most writers share common issues as well.

Helping authors overcome their personal obstacles is the purpose of this membership site.

All authors struggle with some aspect of writing. As a writing coach and editor, I tailor my guidance so you grasp those concepts you most need to produce a publishable manuscript.

You’ll find many free resources on this site. Get to know me. Decide whether you feel comfortable with a teach-yourself strategy.

I’m here for you if you feel that one-on-one writer’s training and coaching will help you take your writing from good to excellent. There is so much you can do for yourself. Yet there are times when working one-on-one produces exponential benefits.

This site is about empowering you. Even if you choose to hire someone to help you, you’ll be informed!