Polish Your Writing – Character Consistency

Character consistency involves two things: 1) point of view and 2) character traits. Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, consistency keeps your reader from feeling confused. It also, especially in nonfiction writing, supports your professional qualifications as someone to whom the reader should listen. Review for Consistent Point of View. I’ve written a series […]

Polish Your Writing – Dialog Tags

Dialogue tags serve a purpose. They help the reader recognize when you’ve changed speakers. Often, when you only have two speakers, if you punctuate correctly dialogue tags can be eliminated, yet this is impossible when you have three or more characters in a scene. Let’s look at a scene that’s heavy in dialogue and use […]

Polish Your Writing – Use a First Line Hook

In her excellent book Polish Your Fiction, Jessica Bell covers 10 strategies for ensuring your fiction work is ready to capture an editor’s interest. This checklist is just as important for non-fiction writers, especially if you include ‘names-have-been-changed’ examples! You must catch most editors with the first sentence. Bell suggests you: …”introduce a conflict that […]