Why a Personal Writing Coach?

I have met so many people with knowledge that would make a major difference in the world. They are intelligent, funny and talented in their field. Yet these same people say, “I could never write my own book!”

I disagree. I believe that almost everyone has a book trapped inside that’s just waiting to explode.

That’s why I am a writing coach, editor and designer. The major obstacle you probably face when someone suggests that you should write a book is the perception that you are not a writer.

You don’t have to be a writer to write your own book!

That’s the biggest myth out there. Sure you may need some help with grammar and organization, but it’s time you stop letting that be an obstacle. Most people don’t realize that all authors need an editor, no exceptions. That means it’s time for you to stop looking at what you think you can’t do. Start thinking about what you know!

As a personal writing coach, I help you tap into the resources you already have.

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