10 Tips for Writing Book Promoting FAQs

Every non-fiction author’s website should have an FAQ section. This is a powerful book promoting strategy, because it shows your expertise within your field. In addition, it brings in search traffic for various keywords related to your book’s topic.

However, understand that your FAQs can’t be sales oriented. Instead, make them service oriented. Don’t write questions and answers to promote your book directly. Remember, you’re reaching out to those who can benefit from what you have to share. So make your questions beneficial to the reader you want to attract.

For example, if the author of Breaking the Box had a book promoting website, his best strategy for writing FAQs would be to reach out to his tribe (managers) with a series of FAQs related to management. None of his FAQs would be promotional. (How do I purchase Breaking the Box? Where is Breaking the Box sold? Links on the website should already answer these questions!) No his FAQs must be related to content from his book. They tease readers into wanting the book because the questions are their questions, and the answers hint at solutions they are seeking.

Originality is Essential.

With so many businesses on the web using FAQs, how do you write great FAQs that don’t sound like everyone else’s? It is a challenge! This content is for members only.

FAQ Tip #1: Research the competition.

I search for existing FAQs on at least five or six competitor’s sites—more if possible. This content is for members only.

FAQ Tip #2: Organize by topic.

Even if your book focuses on one subject, there are always subtopics within that subject. Just as every book requires chapters, your FAQs work best when they’re organized separately.This content is for members only.

FAQ Tip #4: Always answer the question.

Why do I mention this? I have seen so many FAQ answers that don’t really answer the question!This content is for members only.

FAQ Tip #5: Match your answers to your question.

As we see in the previous tip, questions can be asked in many ways. The answer needs to provide the information sought by the question. This content is for members only.

FAQ Tip #6: Keep your questions simple.

Broad questions require long answers. You want questions that have short one or two paragraph answers, three at the most. This content is for members only.

FAQ Tip #7: Think like someone searching for answers.

Use natural language. This content is for members only.

FAQ Tip #8: Never just answer a question with a yes or no.

Even if yes or no is the logical answer to a question, provide an explanation for why the answer is yes or no. This content is for members only.

FAQ Tip #9: Add location info to your question for local search optimization.

I’ve included this tip for those authors who serve a local audience. This content is for members only.

FAQ Tip #10: Invite your reader to get further information.

“Who should I contact if I have a question you haven’t answered?” “Where can I get more information about …?” These are good closing questions to conclude each section of book promoting FAQs. This content is for members only.