Portfolio of Coaching & Book Writing Projects

Portfolio of Coaching & Book Writing Projects

I have included projects on this page which are not available through Kindle or CreateSpace. Some were produced before I became a publisher. (Find examples of editing projects here.)

Continuous Process Improvement Kindle and CreateSpace Book

This is a book where I worked as an editor/writing coach. Paul is a talented writer in his own right. He just needed “assignments” to give him direction. I helped him develop his outline, then helped him tap into the knowledge he already had to create the content. His book went live on Kindle in December 2010.

Here’s what my client had to say:

I sent you a copy of the Kindle version so you can take a look at it and how the Kindle formatting went. A few minor changes in the translation but nothing I’m worried about. I haven’t seen a book yet that translates perfectly with the proprietary ebook formats. The illustrations came through very well, even on the Blackberry Kindle app….Thanks again for getting it Kindle ready for me, much appreciated. It looks really good!
P. Lewis

This version reflects the original cover. (More examples below PDF window.)


Franchising eBook

This eBook was ghost written for a gentleman in the U.K. I used British spelling as the standard. Read this book, and you will know whether or not franchising is for you. This was a pre-Kindle work, so I didn’t provide anything more than very basic layout and formatting. With only a few minor tweaks, including a cover, I could have this book transformed into both a Kindle-ready upload and a CreateSpace ready manuscript.

Here’s what my client had to say:

I had to think long and hard about giving Denise a glowing testimonial. The sad truth is she is very good and I greedily do not want anyone else keeping her busy so she can’t work for me. If you are looking for a great writer than
you will not go wrong with Denise.
P. O’Donaghue

I have included the first pages from several of the chapters of this book. (More examples below PDF window.)


Stop-Smoking eBook

This project from early 2010 included research and rewriting, and design and layout. I chose a flip-chart layout because it made the eBook easy to read on screen. For print-out, the book would be bound at the top instead of the side. This is one of those times when the client and I were not the best fit. Because of all the illustrations in this book, it would not have been a good candidate for Kindle. To get around this, I would have created a version without all the fancy stuff just for Kindle. Then the PDF version would have been used for CreateSpace publication.

Here’s what my client had to say:

Ok. Looks good, but a little nursy technical for me. Just sayin that may be good, but let me read it again. I wanted it to not be technical but more for the average lay reader.
Nurse Forbes.

Take a look at a few pages extracted from the PDF eBook. You may agree with my client that the final eBook was too “nursy technical.” (One more example below PDF window.)


Trucker’s License eBook

I provided both editing services and design and layout for this 2010 project. This eBook involved heavy rewriting as part of the editing work. I delivered two versions of the eBook on this job—a PDF for online viewing and one for printing out. With careful tweaking of the illustrations, this eBook could have been released in Kindle and ePub versions as well.

Here’s what my client said:

That’s a great idea on the pre-trip video … great job, love your work.
B. Colston

Take a look at excerpts from the PDF eBook designed for online viewing.