Writer’s Block – 11 Tips to Get You Writing Again

Rest Assured. Your Writer’s Block Can Be Overcome.

I have heard is said that there’s no such thing as writer’s block. Instead, the sufferer of writer’s block is just an undisciplined writer.

There may be some truth to the assertion, yet I don’t know a writer yet who hasn’t faced days when writing is extremely difficult. For some reason, we have days when our wordsmithing abilities bog down.

This may happen even when we have more than enough information to work with. In fact, having too much information overwhelms at times. This is why I’ve developed a list of 11 strategies. It’s my personal go-to list when I just can’t seem to create anything worthwhile.

11 strategies to overcoming blockage in your creative writing center.

Writer’s Block Tip #1: Start in the middle.

This might sound counter-intuitive, yet if trying to think of the great opener is holding you back, starting with one of the random ideas you have without trying to give it a reason for existing can set you free.

Writer’s Block Tip #2: Do some research.

You may be missing the key point that sparks your Writer’s imagination. Trying to write without an excess of information is very difficult. It’s better to have ideas you don’t use than to not have enough.

Writer’s Block Tip #3: Let go.

Quit trying to get everything right on the first draft. Instead put all the ideas you think you might want to use down. Let loose and just get the ideas down. There’s time to fix the order and grammar later. The first draft is not about perfection. It’s about creating a starting point from which to build. If corporate writers expect to go through up to 10 drafts before they get it right, why shouldn’t you?

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It may take all 11 tips to break through the obstacles; however, don’t despair if that’s what it takes. Tapping into your creative zone is as much discipline as muse. Often you’ll experience change in your creativity by implementing just one of these tips—the one you’re most prone to ignoring.