How Do I Start?

Do you think, “There’s no way I’m writing my own book. I just don’t know where to start.”

Are you ready to knock down your personal obstacles?

If you are like many of the would-be authors I’ve worked with, getting started may be the hardest part of writing your own book.

For others it’s the belief your teachers drilled into you that you aren’t any good at writing. You aren’t in school anymore! And there’s nothing wrong with getting assistance with the parts of writing that challenge you.

  • Do you have ADD and find it hard to focus? So do I, yet I’ve learned coping skills which overcome this and help me harness the creativity usually associated with ADD. These are skills I’ll share with you.
  • Are you a fountain of information, yet instinct tells you you don’t have a best seller in your hands (or computer)? This is where I can become your asset. I help you eliminate the clutter and add the zing that will WOW readers.
  • Are you struggling with writing English because it’s your second language? Don’t let that stop you. My background living outside the continental US (where French, Patois, Arabic and Spanish flavored the English) and  years living in Hawaii (where I grew comfortable with hearing English with an array of Asian accents) are your assets.

Here are some of the personalized writing strategies I’ve used with authors.

Denise gave me simple assignments.

This style works great for people who have trouble focusing. I size your assignments so it’s easier to stay on track.

Are you saying, “I don’t have time for writing my own book.”

I started writing my own book one step at a time.

That’s the best approach. Stop looking at a book as a huge project that requires years to complete. Dedicate just a few minutes a day to writing your book. You’ll find a section of this membership site dedicated to helping you break your book into sections. You’ll find the process easier than you expected.

You can always arrange for a personal session if you still find yourself stumped. Having someone help you develop goals helps propel you into starting, then inspires you to keep going.

Won’t people say I cheated?

If a carpenter uses a nail gun instead of a hammer, is the house still a house? The best writers still need editors. When you work with a writing coach/editor, you are connecting yourself with someone who has the talent to take ordinary communication and turn it into extraordinary communication.

Consider this.

I’ve heard so many speakers who rivet you to your seat, yet that same material transcribed and printed for reading falls flat. What makes the difference?

Written communication is different from verbal communication. The ability to write is a different skill. Working with a writing coach/editor bridges the gap between speaking talent and writing talent.

Do you want to get started?

Some of my clients have spoken their entire book! They didn’t “write” a word. They just recorded their thoughts or spoke to a computer. Then I came through and dealt with the grammar, spelling and punctuation. I trimmed out the repetitions used so often in speech. I put things into their proper order. I took good material and made it better.

My client’s tell me, “You work miracles.” I’m just doing what I love to do.

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