eBooks on Writing and Marketing

This page shares the eBooks on writing and marketing currently available at Writing My Own Book. Others are in the works.

Promoting Your Book and Website in Your Local Market

Local Search Optimization for Authors

It will help you find broader markets as well.

I’ve even received calls from across the country because I came up in a search. All optimization is worth the effort, and here’s how to do it the right way.

Local Search Optimization for Authors shares simple steps anyone can take to improve the ranking of a book promoting website. These strategies put my resume service on the first page in Google for Vancouver, WA.

You’ll find this eBook on SEO is your pocket guide to using the internet for marketing.

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Quit Letting Poor Grades in English Stop You.

5Things-Kindle-CoverFive Thing Your English Teacher Couldn’t Tell You was written to encourage a fresh look at your strengths and weaknesses. Rather than letting weaknesses hold you back, turn them into strengths. Learn to enlist the right team to help you.

This eBook on writing focuses on tools you have every right to use.

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Use Freelance Writing Techniques to Improve Your Blogging and Market Writing Skills.

FreelanceWriting-KindleI wrote this book to help beginning writers get started with writing as a career. It covers the two sides of the business. Money management and writing opportunities.

You’ll find many strategies you can use on your book selling website. I cover eBooks and writing articles, a.k.a. blog posts. I also cover some types of marketing collateral such as press releases.

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