Substantive Editing

Substantive Editing (AKA Heavy Editing)

Learn about LIGHT EDITS (aka Copy Editing)

I have been involved in several projects that have involved heavy rewriting of content. From research papers to full book manuscripts, I listen to the message you want to get across, then I edit as heavily as necessary to put that message across. At the same time, I make every effort to keep the “voice” yours.

Foster Care Essay

This was one of the most enjoyable projects I have worked on. My client had done the research but lost almost all her essay when her computer crashed. I took the research she provided me with, searched the internet for the original sources, and helped her meet her deadline.

The concept was hers. I acted as the research assistant who took all her disorganized notes and helped her put the paper into proper APA format.

Review a draft of this APA essay.

Names have been changed for privacy. (Note: There are more examples below PDF window)

A Reckless Generation

This is one of the most challenging projects I have been involved with. It is a rewrite where the author submitted over 400 pages with ideas scattered numerous times throughout the document. I collected similar thoughts and brought them together, doing my best to keep the author’s original intent.

We discussed his use of the term “heaven” for “God” and came to the agreement that a chapter on “religion” should allow him to use the word “God”. Because his style was heavy with run on sentences, the rewrite lost his “voice”, but he was so happy with how things came together, he accepted the changes, including some ideas I inserted that tied loose elements together. Throughout the editing process, I made it clear that if my editing produced a thought that was not his, that I would rework the edit until I captured his ideas accurately.

The rewrite brought in material from other areas of the book that had the same theme. Would you like to see more?

Here’s a section of the original manuscript, the process I used to work with my client, and a portion of the finished work.

Does the rewrite have more impact?