Websites and SEO Packages to Help Sell Your Book

Market your book with a WordPress Sales Site.

While your website isn’t going to be your only selling tool, it is one tool you truly need. For example, what if you run out of books during an event? You can send your readers to your website.

Another benefit of having your own website is the ability to have a professional email address. Gmail accounts are fine within their sphere, yet they don’t add authority. A dedicated URL and associated email says you have invested in your success.

WordPress Is Easy to Learn.

As you may have gathered, my business is about empowering independence. I want my clients to choose to work with me because they want to, not because I’ve made it essential for them to use my services.

That’s why I like WordPress. It’s easy to optimize. There are many layouts and designs to choose from. There are numerous plug-ins to make your site user friendly for both you and your visitors. And WordPress is very easy to learn! There are so many free videos available that make learning to navigate in WordPress very easy.

If you have me build your WordPress sales site, I’ll upgrade you to a special membership level which connects you with all the training I’ve developed to support the themes and common plugins I install. I want to be sure you get the most out of your WordPress site. [/div] [div class=’clear-cols’] [/div]

Websites and SEO Packages

Basic Package — $600.00*

This is a good start-up option.

  • Your WordPress Sales Site includes at least four pages.
    • Home Page — This is your primary landing page. It’s the page visitors come to most often from an organic search. It will include a PayPal shopping cart, description of the book and sales/marketing copy to encourage interest in your book. Your content will be optimized for your book’s topic keywords.
    • Author’s Bio — This page provides you with credibility as an author.
    • Testimonials Page — This important page adds to your credibility.
    • Sales Squeeze Page — This page is designed to work with list building. You use this page to get emails. Use a short extract from your book, released as a PDF, as a teaser to get people to give away their emails. The sales squeeze page and the home page differ because the squeeze page usually pitches the sale actively.
  • You will get eStore, a PayPal compatible shopping cart.
  • Your package also includes 10 SEO articles based upon the content of your book. The SEO articles help boost organic search results and are released at a rate of one or two per week. You can link to your squeeze page if you pre-release articles before the publication date. We’ll discuss which article sites will serve you most effectively.

* Marketing website packages do not include domain registration or hosting. I recommend The price is one of the best available. Their support is fantastic. I have been able to avoid hiring a web manager because their instructions are well written. When I can’t figure something out, a phone call or their live chat option has always solved the problem for me.

Note: I do receive a small commission when you use my link, though this isn’t why I recommend Bluehost. I recommend them because I’ve used them since 2010 and have always received fantastic support.

Bare Bones Package — $300.00**

You may only want the basics. That’s what the Heart of Superman site delivers. The paperback link on the site goes directly to the author’s CreateSpace sales page. The Kindle link goes to

The barebones website package is a good option if you publish using CreateSpace and Kindle. Here’s what you can expect.

  • Home Page — This will be your primary landing page. It’s the page visitors come to most often from an organic search. It will include:
    • A description of the book
    • A link to an external sales site
    • A short sales/marketing pitch (150 – 250 words) to encourage interest in your book
  • Author’s Bio — This page shares who you are and/or why you wrote your book.
  • Testimonials Page — Independent reviews add credibility.

Whatever your book is about, I want to be part of making your sales process successful! Let me partner with you in building a website that complements your other marketing strategies.

** Barebones sites do not include shopping carts. They use links to other sales sites, such as,, etc.

Examples of Client Websites:

Living Waters Books & More Co.

More Than Domestic Violence

Heart of Superman

Tiny House Plans

The Magnetic Restaurant
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